Why Should I Learn To Fly?

Welcome, interested aviator. Many people like yourself have driven by the airport on a sunny Saturday afternoon and reflected, “I’ve always dreamed of flying, but…” And for every person, there is a different reason — “I’m too old; I can’t do it; I’m weak in math; I wear glasses; etc.” The majority of the excuses we hear just are not true. Put yours away for a moment and read the facts below.

What’s Required?


  • There is no maximum age (you’re never too old).
  • If you’re under 16, you can fly only with an Instructor; no restrictions for ground school.
  • You must be 16 years old to apply for a student license (which allows you to solo).
  • You must be 17 years old to be eligible for a private pilot’s certificate.


A medical is a physical examination given by an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approved doctor. Your first medical will also be your student pilot’s license. The medical is required before solo and is best completed in the early stages of your training. We can provide you with a phone listing of several doctors. (Corrected vision is no problem, even with one eye.)


You must be able to read, speak, and understand the English language. There are no college or high school diplomas required and not much math!

What About Ground School?

At Alpha One, ground school training is provided to you at no cost. This enables the ground school to progress at a good and thorough learning pace because we have no deadlines to meet. The school is very detailed on the latest methods of flying and has frequent guest speakers to provide a well rounded learning experience. We believe you’ll find it very rewarding.

What Are The Flight Training Requirements?

The FAA has two requirements concerning flight training that must be met prior to applying for the private pilot certificate:

  • 20 dual hours (airplane and instructor)
  • 10 solo hours (sole occupant of aircraft)

A minimum of 40 total flight hours is required. The average pilot from Alpha One has 55 hours of flight time prior to the private pilot exam.

How About Flight Skills?

There are certain flight maneuvers you need to become proficient in before you’re ready for the final flight test. The national average for total hours necessary to be competent in these maneuvers is between 75 and 90 hours. There are several reasons for so many hours being the norm: inconsistent training schedule; no ground school; no home study; poorly maintained aircraft that delay lessons; broken training patterns from too many different instructors or not having a “plan” to complete the training.